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Wireless USB PIN Association Method Supports Low-Cost Devices

A new Wireless USB PIN Association method is designed specifically for Wireless USB-enabled devices that do not have a display, may not have a wired USB 2.0 connection, or might ship without a USB cable. PIN Association provides a simple, secure, low-cost wireless pairing method for products that cannot absorb the added cost of a USB cable or display and for products that may not require either a display or wired USB port. The new method offers enterprise-level security with the assignment of a unique character key or PIN up to 28-characters long to every device—providing 128-bits of entropy. Once the Association process is initiated, a software screen on the host PC requests that the unique PIN printed on the Wireless USB device be entered and the secure pairing is completed—wirelessly. In addition to the new PIN Association method, the company supports the cable and numeric association standards specified by the USB-IF. WIQUEST COMMUNICATIONS INC., Allen, TX. (214) 547-1600.


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