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WirelessHD Chipsets Begin Volume Shipments

Volume shipments have begun for SiBEAM’s uncompressed, lossless, wireless high-definition chipset: the SB9120 WirelessHD HRTX transmit network processor and the SB921 WirelessHD HRRX receive network processor with OmniLink60 technology. In addition, the chipset is being featured in flagship products from industry leaders such as Panasonic, LG Electronics, Toshiba, and Gefen. The chipset operates in the 60-GHz band, and SiBEAM claims it is the first to be developed and produced in standard CMOS. It transfers video, audio, and data at up to 4 Gbits/s.

During this month’s 2009 International CES in Las Vegas, Panasonic and LG announced the debut of their flagship flatscreen televisions powered by WirelessHD technology. Panasonic showcased its VIERA Z1 54-in. plasma HDTV powered by SIBEAM’s WirelessHD technology. LG announced its 55-in. LHX LCD television and 55-in. and 47-in. LH-85 LCD televisions featuring a separate media box that streams HD content from various sources wirelessly to the display. Toshiba highlighted its next generation Regza Link (HDMI-CEC) adapter based on the WirelessHD specification, which allows the transfer of lossless, uncompressed HD video, audio, and data between devices placed anywhere throughout one room.

Also at the show, SiBEAM demonstrated a wireless Gigabit Ethernet based on WirelessHD 1.0-compliant hardware. The successful application of this technology could be used for PC virtual docking stations in which a laptop is powered on and immediately connects wirelessly to a printer, hard drive, or monitor. Another application is high-speed Sync’n Go in which set-top boxes can be connected to a PC or other portable device for the automatic transfer of gigabytes of multimedia files.

SiBEAM Inc. www.sibeam.com

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