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Wire/Mesh Thwart EMI/RFI In Displays/Enclosures

Wire/Mesh Thwart EMI/RFI In Displays/Enclosures

The company’s Optical Fine Wire (OFW) and Micro EMI-Mesh (MEM100) conductive optical grids provide optical EMI/RFI shielding of displays, instrumentation, and enclosures. The OFW mesh is constructed of woven and conductively plated fine-wire stainless steel and copper while the MEM100 series is made of etched and blackened copper. Grid counts typically range from 50 to 255 openings per inch and standard un-plated wire width/diameter for most mesh counts is 0.0011” and 0.0022” for woven and 0.0005” for etched mesh. Both OFW and MEM100 conductive optical grids are typically embedded in glass or plastic substrates such as acrylic, polycarbonate, or polyester or triacetate. Dontech Inc., Doylestown, PA. (215) 348-5010.


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