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Woven Fiberoptic Backlight Refines Contrast

Targeted at display designers who want to more easily and economically employ white LEDs for better contrast, the white LED woven fiberoptic backlight makes it possible to use fewer white LEDs. One LED as opposed to three or four can be utilized in many applications. According to the company, the unique woven fiberoptic backlighting technology gives a more attractive appearance in displays for portable electronic devices such as custom controllers, small medical equipment and a range of other products with backlit liquid crystal displays. The white LED fiberoptic backlights are light-emitting panels woven from plastic optical fibers that operate at 5 mW/in2 or less. A typical 2” x 5” LCD panel can be backlit by just a single white LED. Quarter VGA 3” x 4” and larger panels can be backlit with just two white LEDs. Pricing ranges from $3.50 to $15.00.


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