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X-Ray Inspection App Goes Deeper Into High-Density Devices

The company's Advanced Image Processor (AIP II) application for analysis of real-time X-ray images has been upgraded to more fully integrate inspection and analysis of BGAs, flip chips, µBGAs, and other high-density packages. Enhanced features of the new version include: a complete library of measurements including ball diameter, moment ratio (melting of solder), elliptical pattern, solder-density ranges, threshold library, and auto-void count; semiconductor device analysis including dye-attach voiding, and wire sweep; and colorized 3-D plots representing solder contour for enhanced visual analysis.
The software also includes histogram analysis tools, zoom window and zoom control, and point-to-point calibration. Comprehensive menu options offer side-by-side X-ray image, live or captured image and analysis information displayed on the same screen, and direct scripting on the image for defect or highlighted interests. Image enhancement options include smooth, sharpen, Sobel angle, Sobel magnification, negate, and pseudo color. Pricing is $15,900 and delivery is four weeks ARO.


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