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XControls Speed Up Test Program Development

Designed to help programmers shorten development time with new graphical user interface and data file management functions, XControls, a library of software components, is optimized for test and data acquisition applications. It contains a suite of 18 compact, highly efficient 32-bit ActiveX controls for Windows 95/98/NT. The library is intended for programmers developing test applications using visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, or any development tool that is an ActiveX container. Users can insert GUI controls in the form of graphs, analog meters, digital displays, lighted annunciator panels, selector knobs and dials, stock/stop buttons, toggle switches, and more. Each of the GUIs in XControls comes in two distinct versions, one set for stand-alone desktop applications and another set optimized for Internet applications. The resulting interface is said to make it easy for users to interact with a test system over the Internet using a standard Web browser. A number of other XControl components are included such as XMeter, XIndicator, XBar, X2DGgraph, XSwitch, XRotary, XSlider, XJoystick, XMMTimer, XFILE, and XOleCompoundFile. The application is available from stock on CD-ROM for $399.


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