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ZIF Connectors For Flex Circuits Serve Consumer Applications

The VLK Series, a complete range of front-side flip-actuator FPC ZIF (zero-insertion-force) connectors, provides a robust design that can withstand high-cable retention forces, making them ideal for consumer and automotive applications including LCD monitors, LCD TV sets, optical disc drives and monitors/displays. The connectors are designed to serve consumer and automotive multimedia systems which now use larger and higher-quality LCD displays that require FPC connection. Additionally, they are applicable in optical disc drive systems such as Blu-Ray, which require faster transmission of a larger quantity of signals. The connector's flipping actuator facilitates the secure cable assembly with click actuation; this feature ensures compatibility for automotive multimedia applications. The VLK Series connectors are currently available in 35-, 45- and 60-contact versions and can be assembled with a 0.3-mm-thick FPC cable. FCI, Etters, PA. (800) 327-2374.

Company: FCI

Product URL: Click here for more information

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