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1- And 10-Gbit Physical Layer Interfaces Conserve Energy With Powerdown Modes

Based on a proprietary DSP architecture, a family of 1- and 10-Gbit Ethernet PHYs includes a power-down capability to reduce standby power consumption. The four-channel, 10-Gbit/s MY3004 PHY's all-digital receiver trims power consumption and delivers the best bit-error-rate (BER) performance (by almost two orders of magnitude) of any 10-Gbit/s device. Each of the four SERDES channels can handle 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3.125 Gbits/s. The chip has selectable operating modes so it can function as a basic SERDES, or provide a 10-Gbit Ethernet or 1000BaseX interface, or support InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, or a custom interface. The MY3004 comes in a 17-mm, 256-ball BGA package and dissipates about 1.1 W. The MY1001 1-Gbit PHY supports IEEE 802.3ab (1000BaseT), IEEE 802.3u (fast Ethernet), and IEEE 802.3 (10BaseT) and can operate in either half- or full-duplex modes. It comes in a 128-lead PQFP and consumes about 1.8 W. Samples are immediately available. In lots of 1000, the MY1001 costs $20, and the MY3004 costs $85.

Mysticom Inc.; (650) 210-8080

TAGS: Digital ICs
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