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16-Bit, Fixed-Point DSP Targets Network Applications

Designed for voice and data networks, the ZSP16402 high-performance, 16-bit, fixed-point DSP has managed I/O to simplify the task of interfacing to the high-bandwidth data streams required by FAX, modem, voice and telephony applications. This device provides eight channels of DMA to allow program and data to be transferred between internal memory and the host processor interface, memory interface unit, and both time-division-multiplexed serial ports simultaneously without stealing cycles from the processor. On the chip are 26 kwords of dual-port SRAM and 2 kwords of boot ROM. The dual-port ASRAM allows the program and data spaces on the processor to be allocated dynamically when the DSP must handle a variety of algorithms in parallel as when voice, telephony and FAX must run concurrently. The chip is based on firm's 10X DSP architecture that is optimized for voice, FAX, modem and telephony.

Company: ZSP CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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