Electronic Design

16-Bit MCU Handles DSP Chores

The 56F8000 targets a range of motor control and system control applications. Developed by Freescale, this chip keeps monetary and power costs low while delivering advanced peripheral control.

The pulse-width modulators (PWMs) operate at three times the clock frequency. Each pair can generate differential switch frequencies. The application has cycle-by-cycle control over the PWMs, which also have multiple programmable fault ports and can operate while the CPU is sleeping.

The 12-bit analog-to-digital converter can support two conversions at a time. Pricing starts at $2.99.


56F8000 Specifications
CPU 32-MHz 56800E hybrid core
Flash 16-kbyte program w/security
RAM 4-kbyte program/data
Clock On-chip oscillator
Timers 96-MHz, six-output PWM that can be center- or edge-aligned; four timers
Analog Eight-channel, 12-bit ADC; two simultaneous conversions SerialSPI, serial port w/LIN support,I2CGPIO26
Power 0.026-mA min, 65-mA max
Package 32-pin, SOIC, PDIP, 7- by 7-mm LQFP, lead free
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