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2.5V DC/DC Converter Delivers 8A Or 10A

Designed for use with the latest 2.5V CPUs, DSPs, ASICs and PLDs, the UNR-2.5/8-D5 and UNR-2.5/10-D5 5V to 2.5V dc-to-dc converters come in standard 1" x 2" metal cases with 8A or 10A output currents. These converters require only two external capacitors (one input, one output) to achieve accuracy of ±25 mV, line/load regulation of ±0.1%/±0.5%, output noise of 40 mVpk-pk and output step response of 30 µs to ±1%. The fixed switching frequency is 200 kHz with synchronous rectifier topology using low on-resistance FETs and low-ESR electrolytic capacitors.

Company: DATEL INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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