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32-Channel/Dual 16-Channel Multiplexers Feed Port-Hungry Systems

Targeting telecom network systems with rising port counts, the ADG725/731 and ADG726/732 CMOS 32-channel/dual 16-channel analog multiplexer ICs mean more channels with fewer parts. The ADG725/731 have serially controlled three-wire interfaces that are compatible with SPI, QSPI, and DSP interface standards. The ADG726/732 have parallel interfaces and are controlled by 4/5-bit binary address lines. The ADG731 and ADG732 switch one of 32 inputs to a common output. The ADG725 and ADG726 can be configured either as dual multiplexers that switch one of 16 inputs to a common output or as differential multiplexers that switch one of 16 differential inputs to a differential output. All operate from a single supply of 1.8 to 5.5 V or from ±2.5-V dual supplies. They provide low power dissipation, fast switching speeds, and low leakage currents. All are available in 48-lead TQFP and chip-scale packaging. The ADG726/732 cost $4.51 each in 1000-unit quantities. The ADG725/731 are priced at $4.59 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Analog Devices Inc.
www.analog.com; (800) ANALOG-D

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