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4-Channel Audio/Modem Chip Eyes PCs & Info Appliances

With the CS4298 audio/modem chip, designers of PCs and information appliances have a device for implementing in their new products either four channels of audio surround sound or full stereo audio playback, plus a high-speed modem capability. Designed to complement Intel processors, as well as PCI audio accelerators such as the firm's new CS4630 Crystal Audio DSP, the AMC 97-compliant CS4298 operates on the popular ACLink bus and offers four channels of A/D and D/A conversion, as well as differential audio I/O, extra analog input, and S/PDIF output for hi-fi digital audio via 5.1 channels. The CS4298 audio codec-plus-modem chip is a 3.3V device that dissipates 750 mW (max.).


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