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4-Mbit Flash Stands Behind DSPs

The 4-Mbit flash DSM2150F5 provides in-system-programmable, turnkey system memory for DSPs. While designed to support the company's ADSP-2153x family of DSPs, it also supports other general-purpose 16- and 32-bit DSP families. The DSM2150F provides independent 512- and 32-kbyte flash arrays, an integrated programmable logic device (PLD) array with over 3000 gates and 16 macrocells, and up to 40 multifunction I/O pins. The flash device features a 120-ns access time, 100,000-program-erase-cycle endurance, and 15-year data retention. A JTAG ISP port provides in-system programmability. The entire device (memory and configuration) can be programmed in 15 to 35 seconds via JTAG. Designers can configure the DSM2150F5 in place using PSDsoft Express, a development tool available free of charge. It comes in an 80-pin TQFP and costs $4.45 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

STMicroelectronics; (781) 861-2650

TAGS: Digital ICs
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