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72-Bit Wide Dual-Port RAMs Deliver Data At 24 Gbits/s

Two additional density options are now available in the FLEx72 family of high-bandwidth dual-port RAMs. The CYD09S72V and CYD04S72V provide 4 and 9 Mbits of storage with dual 72-bit wide data ports. These two devices fill out the FLEx72 family, which initially included a single 18-Mbit dual-port device. Also, these new devices operate at clock speeds of up to 167 MHz and provide a bandwidth of up to 24 Gbits/s. All three 72-bit wide dual-port memories share a common package pinout--a 484-contact fine-pitch BGA with a 1-mm pitch.

The SRAM ports provide synchronous interfaces to processors, DSPs, FPGAs and ASICs, and other logic. Each port includes a burst counter on the input address register. After externally loading the counter with the initial address, the counter will increment the address internally. An internal mask register controls the counter wraparound, and counter-interrupt flags can be set to when the counter reaches the wraparound value.

Control signals include separate byte enables on both ports, a master reset, mailbox interrupts for port-to-port message passing, and an IEEE 1149.1-compatible JTAG interface for in-system testing. Dual chip enables on both ports make it simple to expand the memory depth. The memories operate from a 3.3-V supply and have a typical active current of 225 mA and a standby current of 55 mA.

In lots of 10,000 units, the 4- and 9-Mbit dual-port memories sell for $66 and $84 apiece. Samples are immediately available.

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

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