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8-Bit µC Cast As Low-Cost Sub For Medium-Performance DSPs

With its high processing power and ability to execute complex digital signal processing and similar parallel processing tasks in software, SX18/28AC100 8-bit microcontroller is being targeted as low-cost replacements for medium-performance DSPs or programmable logic ICs in a wide range of embedded applications. Operating at up to 100 MHz, the MCU can execute one instruction per clock cycle, giving it a data throughput of 100 MIPS with a 10-ns instruction cycle. And on-chip 2K x 12-word flash/EEPROM program memory having a 10-ns access time supports the single-cycle execution.In addition, a deterministic interrupt response architecture ensures that all interrupts are serviced in only 30 ns (three cycles), eliminating jitter and, in conjunction with the processing power, making it possible to execute even complex functions as software modules or "Virtual Peripherals." SX18/28AC100 µCs come in 18- or 28-pin PDIP and SOIC packages.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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