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8-Bit MCU With Vector Control Cuts BOM And Energy Costs

The Z8 Encore MC (FMC16100 series) is the first 8-bit microcontroller to offer vector control capability, according to Zilog Inc. Vector control will significantly reduce the bill of material cost for appliance manufacturers and energy consumption for end users of the appliances. Combining the company's fast CPU (up to 10 MIPS), fast analog-to-digital converter, an integrated op amp, and optimized C compiler, the device can provide the equivalent of DSP functionality in vector control.

Current motor technologies used in large appliances, especially older models, are only 50% to 60% energy efficient compared to newer models. Appliances using the vector-controlled FMC16100 can improve the energy efficiency of the motor to about 90% to 95%, since it replaces the conventional motor with a brushless dc motor, enabling extremely accurate variable speed control. For more information, check out www.zilog.com.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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