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8-GHz DSO With Pinpoint Triggering Ups Bus Signal Integrity

Ensuring signal integrity in very high-speed gigabit-per-second buses like PCI-Express, InfiniBand, and XAUI (extended attached unit interface) is the charge of Tektronix's ultra-high-performance 8-GHz digital-storage-oscilloscope (DSO) series with Pinpoint triggering and advanced probing. The scopes feature four channels of concurrent high-resolution waveform capture and a new differential probing solution using silicon-germanium (SiGe) ICs made on IBM's 0.18-µm 7HP process.

The TDS6000B DSO series consists of the 8-GHz TDS6804B and the 6-GHz TDS6604B. With the 6804B, the user can select either a 7-GHz analog bandwidth or an 8-GHz DSP-enhanced digital bandwidth via an on-screen menu. Each model includes 20-Gsample/s sampling on all four channels and up to 32 Mbytes of memory running concurrently on all four channels. This combination enables rise-time measurements down to 45 ps (20% to 80%) and the capture of 1.6-ms time windows at the full sampling rate.

Unique Pinpoint triggering uses a dual A and B triggering system that enables over 1400 trigger combinations. The two triggers can be mixed and qualified into almost any sequential logic combination. Pinpoint triggering provides ultra-low trigger jitter of less than 1.5 ps. It also captures glitches less than 200 ps wide.

Pricing for the now available TDS68-04B and TDS6604B begins at $74,990 and $64,990, respectively.

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