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8051 RISC Processor Features DSP Capabilities

Equipped with a single-cycle, 8051 RISC processor, the VERSA MIX VMX1020 microcontroller is said to deliver an average of eight times more processing power than a standard 8051 MCU. The device integrates a hardware MAC unit coupled with a 32-bit barrel shifter capable of implementing both 16- and 32-bit DSP operations. The device also has on-chip analog peripherals such as a 4-channel a/d converter, four PWM-based d/a converters, a voltage reference and an uncommitted op amp. Other features include a 56 KB block of programmable flash, an I2C interface, two UARTs, a differential RS-485/RS-422 transceiver, and 1.28 KB of RAM. The SPI can be configured as either a master or slave interface and up to four devices can be addressed in master mode via four programmable chip enables. In addition, the device features a programmable current source that is calibrated to deliver 33 µA or 133 µA and comes in 64-, 52- and 44-pin QFPs. For price, call GOAL SEMICONDUCTOR, Quebec, Canada. (831) 429-6288.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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