Electronic Design

8052 Line Fits Embedded Data-Acquisition Market

Ramtron's mixed-signal Versa Mix 8051 line features up to 128 kbytes of flash, 1280 bytes of RAM, a seven-channel, 12-bit analogto-digital controller, and a 16- by 16-bit hardware multiplier with a 32-bit accumulator to handle DSP-style computation. It also integrates three timer-counters, a serial peripheral interface port, two UARTs, an I2C, and an RS-485/RS-422/J1708-compatible transceiver. Pricing for the Versa Mix 8051 (VMX51C1xxx) starts at $0.80 in a 40-pin DIP or a 44-pin QFP/PLCC package.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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