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A/D Converter Brings Low Power Consumption To Multi-Channel Apps

A fast serial interface, low power dissipation and a glueless interface to firm’s TMS320 DSPs and a variety of industry-standard microcontrollers are all provided by the TLV1570 analog-to-digital converter. Also featuring throughput rates of 1.25 MSPS at 5V and 625 kSPS at 3V, the new ADC is well-suited for a range of high-speed serial interface applications. With an eight-channel input multiplexer, the device is suited for handling multiple voltage inputs from pressure, temperature, light and other types of sensors in a variety of data acquisition applications. Additionally, easy to program functions, such as an auto-scan mode, programmable internal reference and auto-power-down mode benefits applications that include process control, motor control, digital servos, mass storage, and various automotive and image sensor processing applications. The device is available in either a 20-pin SOIC or TSSOP package.

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