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ADSL Lite Modem Software Meets New Specifications

Full compliance with the new ITU G.992.2 standard for splitterless ADSL transceivers is offered by the company's ADSL Lite modem software. Called GAO G.992.2, the code is able to run as a software modem on DSPs such as the TMS320C6x from Texas Instruments and SHARC from Analog Devices, and on microprocessors such as ARM, MIPS, Pentium and SH. The software provides data rates up to 1.5 Mbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream while still providing a POTS channel. Without a splitter, the modem can simply be plugged into a phone jack by the user. It also can be combined with the company's V.90 modem software to form a package that makes full use of the POTS channel.

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