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ADSL Modem/VoIP Gateway Chip Brings Internet Phones To The Masses

Though it's taken longer than we all thought, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is finally here. Cable-TV companies are offering it, and even some regular phone carriers are promoting it as a service over their DSL lines. Its quality is on par with regular telephone service, so carriers can offer complete bundled packages of voice, video, and data.

Now, Centillium Communications has an easier way for manufacturers to deliver modems with VoIP inside. The Palladia 400 is a complete integrated ADSL2+/2++ modem with a VoIP gateway in one chip. It's a suitable base for home gateways, integrated access devices, SOHO voice routers, IP telephone exchanges (PBXs), and other access products. With it, service providers can offer higher-speed broadband access and differentiated voice, security, and data services over the existing twisted-pair local loop.

Based on Centillium's eXtremeDSL technology, the Palladia 400 offers up to 50-Mbit/s download speeds. A 200-MHz MIPS 32-bit processor and a DSP handle the VoIP. Also, it features an EJTAG/JTAG interface and full security with hardware acceleration of IPsec, DES, 3DES, AES, SHA-1, and MD-5 encryption. Furthermore, there's a packet accelerator along with NAT, NAPT, integrated VPN, and firewall.

The modem supports all of the voice codecs, including G.711 (PCM), G.729a/b, G.726.32, and G.723.1. Additionally, it supports the usual phone features, such as caller ID (with the Japan protocol), call forwarding and waiting, comfort noise generation, teleconferencing, and hold, as well as generic voice activity detection.

Centillium Communications Inc.

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