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Analog Devices’ Blackfin Processor Powers Roland’s EDIROL

Analog Devices' ( Blackfin Processor has been adopted by Roland Corporation ( for its latest audio interface marketed under the EDIROL brand. The EDIROL UA-101 is a Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0) audio interface for computers. It provides a 10-in/10-out interface and up to 24-bit/192 kHz audio capture performance in a compact half-rack size (8-5/8" W x 6-5/16" H). The UA-101 implements the Blackfin ADSP-BF531 processor operating at 400MHz/ 800 MMACS. EE Product News first covered the Blackfin architecture back in June 2001 and then covered the BF531 in its July 2003 issue.

Roland had been using separate DSPs and microcontrollers dedicated to audio signal processing in its high-end audio interfaces. However, for its flagship UA-101 product, ADI's Blackfin Processor was selected because it has both high-performance microcontroller functionality as well as DSP capabilities. This choice enables Roland to realize better performance, such as digital mixing, in a more compact audio interface while also benefiting from lower BOM cost as a result of using fewer components. The Blackfin architecture's easy programmability was another key reason that Roland selected the processor for its flagship model. Additional information about the EDIROL UA-101 can be found at

"We have been advancing music production with computers since the 1980s," said Kimitaka Kondo, Director, Roland Corporation. "We developed the UA-101 based on this expertise, targeting computer music hobbyists with an ear for exceptional audio quality, in addition to professionals. With the adoption of ADI's Blackfin Processor in this newest offering, we are proud to further innovate on the highest quality audio recording, producing, and listening experience available in a home studio recording centerpiece. In addition, with the programmable Blackfin Processor we reduced development time and strengthened our competitive position in the audio interface market because of the shorter product cycle."

Phil Davies, Director, Embedded Processing and DSP, Analog Devices added, "This audio equipment leader's selection of the Blackfin Processor for a converged MCU and DSP application is an excellent example of the performance and flexibility that's possible with the architecture."

Company: Analog Devices

Product URL: Click here for more information

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