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Atmel Debuts On-Chip Debugger For AVR32 MCUs

Atmel’s AVR ONE! high-end on-chip debugger for the AVR and AVR32 microcontrollers speeds up programming and supports non-intrusive observation and logging of embedded system performance. This offers software engineers a clear view of real-time system behavior without affecting or modifying the real-time characteristics of the microcontroller.

The company will add support for the tinyAVR, megaAVR, and XMEGA devices during the rest of this year. AVR ONE customers will get free upgrades as Atmel extends support for all AVR devices.

The new debugger includes high-speed program and debug, real-time debugging, and real-time trace. To support the AVR ONE!, Atmel has also released version 2.0 of its AVR32 Studio project manager and debugger front end. The upgraded AVR32 Studio features better integration of the AVR32 Software Framework, Atmel’s large library of optimized device drivers, DSP math functions, and communication stacks.

The AVR ONE! is available now for $599.


TAGS: Digital ICs
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