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Attitude And Heading Reference System Debuts

By combining the functionality of an artificial horizon and a directional gyro with slaved magnetometer into a single unit, the DMU-HDX-AHRS is a solid-state attitude and heading reference system that acts as a replacement for spinning gyros in unmanned vehicles, general aviation, instrumentation and avionic test. It combines MEMS accelerometers, Coriolis-effect rate sensors, and flux-gate magnetometers with sophisticated, proprietary compensation and angle calculation algorithms executing on a dual DSP processor.
The latest MEMS sensors are said to be more accurate than their predecessors, with lower noise and improved bias stability. The system has analog and digital output modes for easy integration. Digital data can be requested via serial command or transferred continuously. The system measures 3.0" x 3.75" x 4.07" and is priced at $7,500.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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