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Audio DSP Handles All Multi-Channel Audio Decoding Needs

All major multi-channel audio decoding standards (Dolby Digital, DTS and MPEG2) are handled in a single device by the DSP56362 Symphony audio DSP. The 100-MIPS chip also handles other audio processing needs, such as subwoofer management, soundfield effects, 3D virtual surrounds, equalization, Lucasfilm THX Cinema processing, and Pacific Microsonics HDCD. It's said to be the first such device suited for next-generation DVD, digital TV, A/V receiver, and automotive audio products.The chip is able to work with all major audio decompression standards by its 24-bit architecture and leading-edge DSP performance. In addition to supporting the decoding standards, which requires from 40 to 50 MIPS of processing power, the chip delivers another 50 MIPS to enable manufacturers to differentiate their products with innovative audio functions. A comprehensive set of development tools is available for the DSP56362. Free assembler and simulation tools are downloadable from the firm's website.


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