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Avago Expands IrDA Offerings

Adding to the company's family of infrared components for consumer and industrial handheld products, the ASDL-7021 embarks as a next-generation, large-scale integration, fast infrared (FIR)/very fast infrared (VFIR) controller in a 48-pin, 1.2 mm x 4 mm x 4 mm TFBGA package. The controller supports high-speed infrared transfer speeds, including SIR (115.2 Kb/s), MIR (1.152 Mb/s), FIR (4 Mb/s), and VFIR (16 Mb/s). The device also includes buffer memory and direct memory access (DMA). Also debuting are two miniaturized infrared transceivers, the ASDL-3212 and ASDL-3023. Supporting speeds up to 4 Mb/s, the ASDL-3023 is a FIR transceiver capable of transmitting remote control signals over distances to 8m and reportedly has an exclusive power saving feature that allows design engineers to achieve superior power consumption with no compromise in performance. The ASDL-3212 is a small form factor MIR transceiver transferring data at 1.152 Mb/s. Pricing for the ASDL-7021 begins at $2.50 in moderate volumes. Price for the ASDL 3212 is $1 and for the ASDL-3023 is $1.50, also in moderate volumes. AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES, San Jose, CA. (877) 673-9442.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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