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C Language Tools Deliver Efficient Code

Users who migrate from the Motorola GNU tools to Tasking's software development tools gain a 25% reduction in code size, it's claimed. The tools, developed for Motorola's DSP56000, 56300 and 56600 families, provide improved compiler optimization and compatibility enhancements. The tools have been extended, with COFF (.CLD) compatibility and the GNU calling convention, so that C code written using the Motorola tools can be recompiled/assembled with Tasking's tools with an average 25% code improvement. The optimization improvements, including register content tracking, and language extensions work together to make C a viable language to use when programming the DSP56xxx. The new release of the toolset includes support for the DSP56651 and DSP 56652. The toolset consists of C++/EC++ compiler, C compiler, assembler with linker and locator and CrossView Pro debugger with either simulator or OnCE execution environments. It's available on Windows 95/NT, Sun Solaris, SUN OS or HP-UX.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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