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Capacitive Touch IC Packs 15 Channels

The company’s TapTouch technology takes form in a 15-channel capacitive touch IC capable of supporting up to 56 independent touch zones, thereby lowering the cost of capacitive touch implementation in high-button count-applications. This recent addition extends the capabilities of the LDS60xx family of button ICs to applications such as remote control and telephony. TapTouch is also viable for use in screen applications, i.e., mobile handsets and handheld games. Differing from architectures relying on one sensor per button, TapTouch leverages a two-layer sensor array that allows each sensor to support multiple touch zones, often eliminating the need for multiple touch controllers. According to the company, it minimizes experience-inhibiting first-touch latency by enabling continuous scanning of touch zones without the high power consumption associated with low- or no-latency implementations. For more details, call LEADIS TECHNOLOGY INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 331-8600.


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