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Card Simplifies Addition Of Speech & Music To Call Testing

Plugging into firm's Abacus bulk call simulator, the DSP Resource Generator (DRG) makes WAV files available to a test routine by merely calling then from a script. Users can create, edit and store sounds on PCs or choose from those already resident on the DRG card. When the desired files are selected in a script, Abacus downloads them to the DRG before the test begins. The DRG transmits it to the appropriate circuit generator subsystem plugged into Abacus. Sound files can be transmitted on all interface types supported by Abacus. The card can store up to 128 WAV files and a single card can serve up to 128 channels simultaneously. The DRG can cause channels to play different sounds with different start times and can accommodate scripts on different circuit types using the same files.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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