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Chip Connects PCI Bus To Local Bus Or Parallel Port

Designed to serve as a low-cost means of connecting the PCI Bus to an 8- or 32-bit local bus or an IEEE1284 parallel port, the OX9160 chip has its sights set on applications bridging PCI to DSPs, modems, ISDN/ADSL chips, industrial controls, and more. Using the IC's local bus function, legacy devices can be easily accessed through the target PCI interface, which is compliant with version 2.2 of the PCI Bus spec and version 1.0 of the PCI Power Management spec. All reads and writes are completed with a minimum of PCI wait states, ensuring lower bus occupancy than other solutions, it's claimed.The chip's parallel port is made operational by disabling the local bus. This supports SPP, PS2 and EPP modes for maximum data throughput to printers and data storage devices. The CMOS OX9160 bridge chip operates from a 5V supply and comes in a 160-pin TQFP package.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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