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Chipset Delivers Quality Video To Mobile Phones

romising cinema-quality video and CD-quality audio to cell-phone users, the Vision X115 chipset employs the company's Vision mobile handset architecture and OptiVerse software framework. Reportedly, the chipset can reduce a handset's overall component count by more than 100 parts, reducing bill-of-material costs and footprint by up to 20%. It supports H.263, MPEG-4 and H.264 standards plus video playback in both QVGA and QCIF resolutions at rates in excess of 24 fps. Audio features include WAV, SMAF, and MIDI ring tone synthesizers and 64 polyphonic voices. The chipset consists of an analog baseband and a digital baseband. The analog baseband includes power management that also handles the analog baseband processing, audio mixing, and conversion. The digital baseband features three processor cores: an ARM7TDMI-STM for communications, ARM926EJ-STM for applications, and a DSP16000 core for physical layer and audio signal processing. Operating-system support includes Windows Mobile 5.0, SymbianOS, and Linux. AGERE SYSTEMS, Allentown, PA. (800) 372-2447.


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