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Clocks Positioned For DVDs And MiniDisks

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Offered as the first clock family to target DVDs, MiniDisks and digital still cameras, three integrated clock circuits replace discrete circuits comprised of capacitors, logic and PLLs. For digital cameras, the SG587 generates both NTSC and PAL television standards. The C6006 clock generator is intended for use in MiniDisk systems and requires no external components except a 16.9344 MHz crystal. It integrates the PLL loop filter and the loading capacitor for the crystal. For DVD players, the C6007 clock generator is said to reduce playback noise by using three independent clock outputs to drive the DSP, logic and servo-control portions of the design. Other features include a jitter of 250 ps, low sideband noise, a high SNR, and a fourth clock output operating at 27 MHz. The SG587, C6006 and C6007 are priced at $0.95, $1.06 and $1.15, respectively, each/1,000.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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