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16-Drive, 1-Gbit/s JBOD Subsystem Integrated Onto Single Chip
The VSC7148 integrates an entire 16-drive, 1-Gbit/s Fibre Channel arbitrated loop JBOD subsystem onto a single chip. Teamed with the manufacturer's SSC100 Fibre Channel Enclosure Management Controller, the device distributes all the high-speed serial links to the disk drives via 16-port bypass circuits. Two host ports are implemented with two pairs of the FibreTimer clock-recovery units, which can be individually configured as either repeaters or retimers to trade off signal quality for latency. An auxiliary set of port-bypass circuits implements a second internal loop, providing isolated access to any device while the rest of the system is operating normally.

Housed in a 256 BGA, the VSC7148 costs $43.75 in 1000-unit quantities.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., 741 Calle Plano, Camarillo, CA 93012; (805) 388-3700; www.vitesse.com.

Back-End Decoder IC Supports DVD Standards And Decryption
The STi5508 DVD decoder IC has all the functions of the existing STi5505, plus enhanced audio and video features including a karaoke processor and an MP3 decoder. Blocks contained within the device include a 60-MHz, 32-bit processor, 2-Kbyte instruction and data caches, 4 Kbytes of SRAM, a hard-wired MPEG-2 video decoder, an audio decoder that supports all DVD standards, and a front-end interface for sector processing and DVD decryption. Other features include an 8-bit OSD with antiflicker and antiflutter filters, fully customizable on-screen menus, and an audio DSP with MP3 decoding.

Pricing is $30 each in 500,000-unit quantities.

STMicroelectronics Inc., 10 Maguire Rd., Lexington, MA 02421; (781) 861-2650; fax (781) 861-2664; www.us.st.com.

250-mW Ethernet Transceiver Detects And Corrects Cable Polarity
The BCM5221 single-channel 10/100 TX/FX Ethernet transceiver operates at 250 mW on just 2.5 V. Internal power management automatically powers it down when it's not connected to the network. Its HP Auto-MDIX feature automatically detects and corrects the polarity of crossed cables. It also comes with three low-power modes.

This transceiver costs $7 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Broadcom Corp., Irvine, CA; (949) 450-8700; www.broadcom.com.

Transmitter/Controller Pair Protects Video Transmission From Piracy
According to their manufacturer, the SiI 861 PanelLink controller and SiI 168 transmitter enable the transmission of content-protected video without the fear of piracy. These devices form an end-to-end digital visual interface (DVI) solution that features high-bandwidth digital-content protection (HDCP). The SiI 168 operates with any of the company's PanelLink receivers to transmit DVI 1.0 video. Two transmitters can be used in a dual-link mode to achieve data transfers up to 10 Gbits/s, supporting displays with resolutions up to 2056 by 2048. The SiI 861 controller incorporates a PanelLink receiver and supports resolutions up to SXGA and higher with a parallel and integrated low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) output.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Silicon Image Inc., 1060 E. Arques Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086; (408) 616-1553; fax (408) 830-9530; www.siimage.com.

Evaluation Kits Help Designers With Low-Power Radio Applications
Designed to assist the engineer with low-power radio applications, the RFEVAL1 radio evaluation kits include easy to build telemetry and data communications applications. These applications use a variety of hardware and software encoders and decoders, as well as a variety of radio modules. Three projects are analyzed in detail: simple radio switched relay using a Keeloq HCS360 encoder and HCS512 decoder, remote telemetry switching using a Keeloq HCS360 encoder and PIC16C73 decoder, and radio data communications transmitting a data byte between two PCs. Other features include range testing, target environment testing, antenna evaluation, AM/FM comparison and selection, encoding/decoding testing, and remote switching.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

okwelectronics.com, Abele Business Park 203, 300 Old Pond Rd., Bridgeville, PA 15017; (412) 220-9244; fax (412) 220-9247; www.okwelectronics.com.

5-Pin Modules Safeguard Telecom Network Lines Against Lightning
Designed to protect telecom network lines from the effects of lightning, the T5 series of 5-pin protection modules are available in breakdown voltages from 35 to 250 V and overcurrent ratings from 150 mA to 1.2 A. Their plug-in connector is compatible with industry-standard 5-pin protection blocks. According to their manufacturer, their reaction time is 40% faster than conventional power-protection technology that uses gas-discharge tubes. They also reset repeatedly for uninterrupted protection. Other features include a temperature range of -40°C to 65°C, built-in test points on the top of each module, and a completely soldered, no-contact design. Additionally, the modules meet Telecordia 974, GTE GTS-8700, and N.E.C. requirements. They're UL 497 listed as well.

Contact the company for pricing and availability information.

Teccor Electronics, 1800 Hurd Dr., Irving, TX 75038-4385; (972) 580-7777; fax (972) 550-1309; www.teccor.com.

IrDA-Compliant Transceiver Pair Features Very Low Profile
The TFDS6401 and TFDS6402, a pair of fast infrared IrDA-compliant transceivers, stand just 1.8 mm above the pc board. The chips are housed in the manufacturer's Dracula package, which mounts to the edge of the pc board to reduce the transceiver's height relative to the board. Their data-transmission rates reach up to 4 Mbits/s at 1-m distances.

The chips can be used to enable infrared links among and between notebook and palmtop computers, digital still and video cameras, cell phones and pagers, and medical and industrial data-collection devices. Also, they can enable an exchange of files between these mobile systems and desktop computers, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and set-top boxes. Integrated components include a photo pin diode, a high-power emitter, and low-power analog control circuitry.

Pricing is $3.50 each in 100,000-unit quantities.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc., 63 Lincoln Hwy., Malvern, PA 19355; (800) 554-5565, ext. 36; www.vishay.com.

5-V Multiprotocol Serial Transceiver Packaged In 80-Lead QFP
A single-chip, multiprotocol serial transceiver known as the SP507CF comes in an 80-lead QFP. Its flow-through pinouts are designed to simplify board layout and minimize components. These pinouts also allow software-programmable protocol and DCE/DTE selection using the Cisco/LTC 3-bit code.

This 5-V device provides 2 kV of ESD protection and a differential transmission rate of 20 Mbits/s. All necessary termination networks are included and are switchable when V.35 and V.11 protocols are used. A 100-lead PBGA package, the SP507CB, also is available. Both versions feature an operating-temperature range of 0°C to 70°C.

Pricing starts at $14 each in 1000-unit quantities.

Sipex Corp., 22 Linnell Circle, Billerica, MA 01821; (978) 671-1907; fax (978) 670-9001; www.sipex.com.

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