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Communications: VoIP Solutions Combine Silicon, Software, And Reference Designs

A full set of voice-enabled solutions is available via the Z.Voice Voice over IP (VoIP) series. These include licensable ZSP processor cores, standard DSP products, industry-compliant vocoders, bundled device/software packages, and reference designs. Employing a variety of vocoders, including G.711, G.729, G.729A/B, and G.723.1, the Z.Voice products make possible multichannel VoIP systems that support a range of two to 32 channels. Four voice-optimized ZSP chips highlight the family, including the just-released LSI403X and LSI402ZX processors, a suite of standard vocoders and application software, and the Z.Voice-729 off-the-shelf, bundled silicon/
software package. Also available are reference designs, including a wireless router developed with Micrel Inc. The Z.Voice-729 bundle costs less than $1 per port for a four-port solution, including the software.

LSI Logic Corp.
www.lsil.com, www.zsp.com

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