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Compact DSP Delivers 800 MMACs

Compact DSP Delivers 800 MMACs


Analog Devices's has released its latest 90nm Blackfin DSP, the BF592. It can deliver 800 MMACs of performance while being priced at only $3. This tiny chip comes in a 9mm by 9 mm 64-pin QFN package. It draws as little as 88mW of power when active and has a 300 µA static leakage.

The BF592 (Fig. 1) is built around a 400 MHz core with a dual MAC architecture. It fits at the low end of the family (Fig. 2). It has 36 Kbytes of data SRAM, 32 Kbytes of instruction SRAM and a 64 Kbyte instruction ROM There is also a 4 Kbyte boot ROM. Peripherals include a 16-bit PPI (ITU-R 656), I2C (TWI), 2 SPORTs, 2 SPI ports, and a UART mapped over 32 GPIO’s. There are 3 32-bit timers plus a core and watchdog timer.

The BF592 targets a range of applications including health card an automotive driver assistance systems. The operating temperature range is -40°to +85°C.

The BF592 EZ KIT Lite (Fig. 3) is priced at $199. It comes with an evaluation suite of the VisualDSP++ development environment with the C/C++ compiler, assembler, and linker. The $150 JTAG Emulator (Fig. 4) is also available. It uses a 5-MHz JTAG clock and supports ADI Blackfin processors. It has a USB interface with download speeds of up to 255 Kbytes/sec.

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