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Configurable RISC Processor Core For Use With APEX Family

Optimized for the APEX 20k family of programmable logic devices (PLDs), the ARC configurable processor core allows designers to quickly and easily customize the 32-bit RISC microprocessor to their specific applications. When executed in the APEX 20k PLD, the user-configured ARC processor can be integrated into system-on-chip designs to optimize performance and cost. Also available is the Xtensa microprocessor core for APEX devices. Available through the web-based Xtensa Processor Generator, the core is able to execute multiple design iterations without charge, making area, speed, power and code density design tradeoffs based on real-time feedback from the generator. When optimal configuration is determined, the designer is able to license and download the APEX-tailored netlist that is then ported to the Altera design environment and implemented on an embedded PLD.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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