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Content Processors First With Multi Core

Unveiled as the first multi-core content processors on a single chip, the T9000 family includes optimized versions of nine CPU-intensive algorithms as well as both Gigabit and multi-Gigabit versions. Requiring just 3W to 5W of power, the processors predict dramatic power reductions in large-scale security and XML/web-service applications. Features include simultaneous evaluation of up to 50,000 POSIX 1003.2 RegExes at 3.2 Gb/s, simultaneous evaluation of XML documents at 2.5 Gb/s, encryption, decryption, compression, and decompression at rates to 1 Gb/s, and interfaces to an 8-Gb/s, 64-bit PCI-X bus. Acceleration agents include dual grammar processing agents for XML and other protocols, dual regular expression agents, compression and decompression for Zip/ Gzip/PKZip, UTF 8 to UTF 16 character conversion, RSA modular exponentiation, and a true random number generator. The processors also provide agent chaining, which allows the output of one agent to be processed by another, allowing processing to continue without re-crossing I/O bus operations. TARARI INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 385-5131.

Company: TARARI INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Digital ICs
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