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Convergent RTOS Supports Blackfin Processor

Described as a unique dual-mode, real-time operating system (RTOS), the RTXC/dm provides an optimized development and run-time environment for Analog Devices’ Blackfin processor with its unified single core RISC/DSP architecture. It is also said to be the first RTOS that combines a traditional task-based kernel architecture for real-time control processing with a specialized executive for DSP and dataflow operations using a common API. This approach allows both types of application code, RISC and DSP, to run on a single processor. Previously, to develop applications using these convergent processors, users had to choose between an RTOS optimized for a real-time control with an event-based processing model, or one designed to support a dataflow-intensive DSP model. Price for the RTXC/dm starts at $15,500 for a single-project license. QUADROS SYSTEMS INC., Houston, TX. (866) 879-7892.


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