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Converters Emphasize Speed, Power And Resolution

For applications such as instrumentation and control, automotive, mass storage, motion control, battery-powered systems, factory automation, and more, the Multi-Purpose DSP Converter family interfaces directly to firm's DSPs without glue logic. The 12-bit, 200/400-KSPS family of ADCs includes the TLV2544, TLV2548, TLC2554 and TLC2558, which have on-chip FIFO buffers that improve data transfer efficiency by 100% and reduce interrupt frequency by 8X. Other new converters include two members of the 10-bit, 1.25-MSPS ADC family- the TLV1571 and TLV1578- and five new additions to the 10- and 12-bit TLV56XX family of DACs that are fast and have low voltage output. The above TLC2554/58 A/D converters support binary and two's complement output formats. Performing the data format conversion to two's complement in the ADC rather than the DSP reduces the workload for the DSP.

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