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COTS Transform-Based DSP Claims Speed Record

Claiming to be the industry's fastest commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) real-time, transform-based digital signal processor, Butterfly BDSP91V24 can perform a 1K complex fast Fourier transform in 41 µs at 80 MHz. It can also process 8- to 24-bit data in real-time using a multi-port data-flow structure that frees users from having to externally multiplex data, thus increasing throughput and lowering system component count.In addition, the transform-based DSP supports block floating-point processing on-chip, enabling it to perform automatic scaling or to accept user scaling factors for input data scaling. The result is precision reportedly rivaling that of true floating-point DSPs combined with the speed of fixed-point DSPs.Supporting block-oriented algorithms and array processing, BDSP91V24 DSP is a pin-compatible, 3.3V version of the BDSP9124, which can perform FFT, arithmetic and logical operations on high-speed data streams of unlimited array size. The chip is available in a 352-pin super BGA and as die.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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