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CSR Bluetooth Silicon Used In Aliph Headset

Aliph’s latest generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset uses the BlueCore5-Multimedia Bluetooth technology from CSR. The integrated digital signal processor (DSP) enables Jawbone’s patented NoiseAssassin technology, which ensures noise elimination in any environment.

The NoiseAssassin technology literally feels the user’s speech with its patented Voice Activity Sensor (VAS). The VAS allows the Jawbone headset to distinguish the user’s voice from ambient noise with unprecedented accuracy. The proprietary NoiseAssassin algorithm uses the power of the CSR DSP inside the BlueCore5-Multimedia to aggressively cancel out noise while accurately preserving the user’s voice.

“After using BlueCore3-Multimedia for the highly successful original Jawbone headset, CSR was the obvious choice for the new Jawbone,” said Richard Drysdale, vice president of product management and strategy at Aliph. “The new Jawbone needed to improve on the high standard set by its predecessor and by moving to CSR’s fifth-generation multimedia Bluetooth technology we are able to offer our customers industry leading wireless audio performance.”



TAGS: Digital ICs
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