Electronic Design

Daesung-Eltec Designs In Ramtron FRAM Memory

Daesung-Eltec Co. Ltd. of Korea has designed Ramtron's FRAM memory into its new digital signal processing (DSP)-based car audio platform. A developer of nonvolatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and integrated semiconductor products, Ramtron said its FM24C64 is an "ideal memory technology for advanced digital automotive audio systems." Daesung-Eltec selected the FM24C64—a 64-kilobit serial peripheral interface (SPI) FRAM device—to enable sophisticated memory functions like storing audio, channel and favorite artist/song settings, and resume play and favorite artist/song alert features. Daesung-Eltec designed the DSP-based audio platform for use in Renault Samsung Motors vehicles. A nonvolatile technology, FRAM offers virtually limitless endurance, a small footprint, and cost effectiveness.

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