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DDS Signal Generator Offers Versatility

Said to be the first signal generator with signal processing and analysis functions, Model SG-100A Synthesized Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator has power and voltage level measurement and DTMF detection. It is field upgradeable with its flash memory that is programmable using a floppy disk or e-mail. Instrument offers data modulation, dual-tone generation, and DTMF generation capability. It offers a clean, fully synthesized signal from dc to 21.5 MHz with 0.001% accuracy. Modulation modes are AM, FM, PM, SSB, BPSK, FSK, Burst, DTMF, Dual-tone, VCO and sweep. A high-speed DSP controls every aspect of the system such as frequency, phase, level, and I and Q rails under DSP control. AT THE SITE: data sheets and photos.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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