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Development Environment Supports Multiple CPUs

In Version 1.8.9 of the MULTI integrated development environment, the company adds support for Hitachi's SH2-DSP, SH3-DSP and SH4; Motorola's PowerQUICC II; Siemens' TriCore, NEC's V850E and V830R; MIPS-16; and ARM Thumb processors. Applications developed using the environment can be cross-compiled for execution on the newly supported architectures. The compiled code can run on the target CPU under numerous real-time operating systems, a variety of in-circuit emulators, and on targets that support BDM/JTAG/on-chip debug interfaces. Enhancements in Version 1.8.9 include improved code size and speed for software floating point for those processors that don't have floating-point hardware; DSP-specific optimizations; DSP fractional data type support; and more.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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