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Digital Amps Boost Power Efficiency, Reduce EMI

Employing DSP-controlled digital-switch technology, Cirrus Logic has developed fully digital Class-D power amplifiers for audio applications. The TrueDigital CS44210 and CS44L10 offer dramatic improvements in power efficiency, cut EMI/RFI radiation, and minimize power consumption. They also have reduced the size of a typical power amplifier by a factor of four.

While the CS44210 can deliver up to 50 W at 90% efficiency, the low-power CS44L10 is a headphone amplifier providing 100 mW/channel into 16 Ω at a 3.6-V supply. Both amplifiers support sample rates up to 96 kHz with 24-bit resolution. The output dynamic range is 100 dB. Both offer on-chip digital bass and treble boost, peak signal limiting, and de-emphasis as well.

These devices are part of Cirrus' total entertainment (total-e) solution, a platform approach to building audio systems. Aimed at minisystems, audio-video re-ceivers, boom boxes, small professional amplifiers, and other multifunction audio systems, the CS44210 includes three serial ports with an input multiplexer, a host interface, and a level shifter. It comes in a 24-pin TSSOP. Targeting portable audio and mobile phone headsets, the CS44L10 provides a single serial audio port. It's packaged in a 16-pin TSSOP.

In 10,000-unit lots, the CS44210 is priced at $3.95. In similar quantities, the CS44L10 costs $2.81.

Cirrus Logic, P.O. Box 17847, Austin, TX 78760; (512) 445-7222; www.cirrus.com.

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