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Digital Audio Processing Chip Is A System Unto Itself

Targeted at cost-sensitive audio applications, the CS4912 digital audio processing chip is a complete, system-on-a-chip solution integrating a 24-bit DSP, RAM for program and data storage, and a stereo CD-quality D/A converter. Functionality and feature design flexibility is derived from DSP microcode variations loaded into the device's on-chip RAM. For automotive applications, the chip is loaded with DSP microcode containing active crossover filters, dynamic range compression and peak-level limiting, parametric and graphic equalizers, and multiple-speaker time alignment. Systems containing the chip can be easily reconfigured to provide a different set of features by simply changing the RAM's microcode. This allows users to tailor their systems to provide feature-sets for specific applications without hardware redesign or re-engineering. In addition to its 24-bit core, the chip also integrates a PLL clock generator, a stereo CD-quality DAC, and RAM storing program code and data. The device comes in a 44-pin PLCC.

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