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Digital Control Chip Closes Feedback Loops

A variety of feedback systems using voltage, temperature, velocity and similar sensors can be controlled by the CLOZD010 loop controller chip. The device can close a control loop around a power supply, motor drive, heater, fan and other industrial applications. Pin settings on the chip rather than programming determine the control configuration. The controller’s output drive, a pulse-width modulated (PWM) signal, automatically adjusts until the measured feedback signal from the system matches the desired setpoint command. The setpoint input can be from a potentiometer, d/a converter, or some type of reference. The PWM signal varies from 0% at 488 Hz to 100% at 62.5 kHz with a bipolar option for full-wave bridge or triac drive for off-line operation. System time constants ranging from 128 µs to 1,074 seconds can be controlled to 12-bit resolution. The controller is housed in an 18-pin plastic DIP. Extensive application examples, schematics, and results are provided. Price is $3.95 each/1,000 or $5.95 for a single piece. FLEXTEK ELECTRONICS, Carlsbad, CA. (760) 224-7637.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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