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Digital ICs/DSP: 128-Mbit CellularRAM Consumes Little Power, Delivers Burst Data

Samples of the MT45W8MW16BGX 128-Mbit burst CellularRAM are now available. Organized as 8 Mwords by 16 bits, it incorporates the version 1.5 feature set as defined by the CellularRAM working group. It's also one of the first 128-Mbit burst pseudostatic RAMs (PSRAMs) available. Active current is 30 mA, and self-refresh current during standby is 200 µA. The PSRAM also performs Reads and Writes in 4-, 8-, 16-, 32-word, or continuous bursts. It offers increased compatibility with flash burst protocol and burst clock rates of 104/80/66 MHz. A variable latency function minimizes delays and maximizes bandwidth. In quantities of 1000 units, the 128-Mbit CellularRAM costs $9 each.

Micron Technology Inc.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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